Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy


The employment policy of  İttifak Holding and its companies was shaped by the consciousness of the human resource is a "value" and the belief in lifetime education. The company aims to create the most admired and preferred establishments in the sectors they operate, employing the most successful professionals in the field, that all the stakeholders feel honoured to be a part of its operations.

İttifak Holding's human resources strategy is to demonstrate a management approach that takes into account world standards in the sectors in which it operates, to be a model organization where employee satisfaction is at a high level and everyone wants to work.

  • ­Selecting human resources correctly,
  • Solving problems related to finding qualified human resource with on-the-job programs,
  • Providing training opportunities to the employees by giving accessible goals,
  • Rewarding high performance with the performance system’s output,
  • Having activities that improve employee’s work life as well as ensure happiness in private life.

are the primary goals of Ittifak Holding in the field of human resources.

As of the end of 2015, İttifak Holding and its group companies had been employing a total of 3,645 people, and also offered the opportunity to do internship for 100 students.

In 2015, the company participated in career day events organized by the universities, even sponsored and gave briefings to the students.


In 2015, İttifak Holding has continued to provide training that provides continuous individual and professional development and sees one of its priorities so that employees can quickly adapt to change and development.

Continuing its trainings provided via internal and external resources, İttifak Holding offered personal and professional development opportunities to its employees through its intranet trainings in 2015 in every environment where the Internet is available.

Occupational Health and Safety

Ittifak Holding considers the protection of the social, psychological and biological balances of its people as one of the primary responsibilities. In parallel with this purpose, the company conducted an intensive training for Occupational Safety and Health within the year 2015 as it is every year.

In 2015, 1494 employees were given 9,360 hours of Occupational Health and Safety, Hygiene, Basic First Aid and Fire training.

Change Management

Within the scope of restructuring efforts accelerated by İttifak Holding as of 2015, "Change Management" project has been initiated throughout the group. With this project, it is aimed to build a more integrated and future İttifak Holding.

Within the scope of the "Change Management" project initiated with the necessity of a dynamic structure that can adapt easily to the changes that are taking place in today's fast competition, communication and technological speed, fast and strong innovation, and a team with intellectual accumulation leading to change, and a managerial will that will transform change into development, Performance-oriented revisions of business processes have been carried out and internal communication and projects for the improvement of the social values of the group have been conducted.

İttifak Plus

Ittifak Plus, whose purpose is to make feel the advantage of being a member of Ittifak more intense, serves as an open and transparent communication platform for all Ittifak members.

At "Ittifak Plus" communication platform; A structure has been created in which employees can participate in all internal communication applications, receive information about developments in companies, use it as a feedback tool in any matter, provide information sharing within a wide range without any gossip, and most importantly, a place where they can show their talents.

In 2015, 4 online education programs (Orientation, Correct Behaviors, Cashier and Effective Sales Techniques) have been conducted on the "Ittifak Plus" communication platform.

Corporate Agreements

İttifak Holding is planning to sustain such works, which all employees will be able to save and realize their future plans. Above all, special discounts are provided to the employees and to their first degree relatives in the purchase of different products and services in the corporations, which operate under İttifak Holding. Such discounts, which provide promoted corporate engagement and evaluation of high quality products and services by the employees like customers, on one hand, and enable the recognition of other in-group brands, beside the company they work.

Private Pension

İttifak Holding has signed an private pension agreement with MetLife in 2014, in order to provide a more reliable future for its employees and to direct their savings into investment, and over 3,000 Ittifak employees has been included in private pension system.

In 2015, 1,287 new employees began to benefit from the private pension system. The amount of contribution determined within the framework of the contract is paid by İttifak Holding to the individual pension accounts of employees each month.

Premiums invested by İttifak Holding and its employees are assessed in halal funds established in MetLife within the scope of employer-contributed group pension plan provided with flexible payment opportunities.


İttifak Holding continued to organize internal communication and motivation activities in 2015 with the aim of increasing the motivation of its employees. In the whole group, books were given to the children of the employees as a present, congratulatory messages were sent to the employees via SMS and e-mail on special occasions, picnics in summer and iftars in the month of Holy Ramadan were organized, 2.700 saplings were planted and football tournaments were achieved.