Nominating successful and dynamic talents to the İMAŞ family contributes to the sustainable success of İMAŞ with employee-oriented approaches.  Always stands by their employees with an exemplary management approach that complies with international standards which constitute the basis of our Human Resources Policy.

 To create a remarkable İMAŞ brand for our employees.

We assemble qualified human resources under the roof of İMAŞ. We choose the members of the İMAŞ family among those who are competent in completing tasks by ownership, who are open to innovations and change and who are customer and quality oriented with exceptional communication skills.

We invest in the development of our employees. We encourage academic activities that contribute to facilitating the professional progress of our employees and work to maximize employee productivity with flexible career options and work environments.

We maintain our competitive wage policy with our Strong fringe benefits and remuneration policies, we maintain our superiority as the most preferred industrial company in Turkey.

We increase employee motivation and commitment. By adhering to a transparent and open management policy, and implementing motivation-enhancing policies to gain employees who are not dependent but engaged.

We advocate sustainable performance policies. We believe in objective and competency-based evaluation.  We acknowledge the performance outcomes of our employees in their promotion and horizontal advancements.

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