MESU - Extraction Scale
MESU - Extraction Scale
  • Accurate weighing by using materials that conform to International standards
  • Used for screening extraction values simultaneously or for a specific period
  • Full PLC control
  • Control through the operator terminal and/or PC
  • Special extraction programs on original SCADA software
  • Possibility to program desired extraction values and tolerances
  • Possibility to get reports of the history
  • Alarming for out-of-tolerance values
  • Graphical extraction reports
  • Reporting according to the programmed times
  • Possibility to connect more than one production line
  • Possibility to connect Inlet scales and getting reports through PC
  • Surfaces that are In contact with the product shall be made of stainless steel upen request

Allows air into the hopper for easy and smooth product flow

High accuracy with the weighing system placed on three loadcells

Control panel with high quality electronic components

Accurate filling and long-lasting operation with double-piston diverter

Prevents wear and tear at piston arms and prevents arms from tightening

The chassis allows easy height adjustment of the scale body.

Possible to make aspiration connection to absorb dust.