MMR - Millenium Roller Mill
MMR - Millenium Roller Mill
  • Long-life rollers
  • The cycle of feeding rolls is adjusted by infrared sensors according to the flow intensity of the product.
  • The modular group dismantling system enables easy cleaning for feeding and grinding rolls.
  • Time belts enable noise-free, vibration-free and heat-free operation
  • Can easily be controlled by the operator by using the numeric panels at both sides
  • The need for oil lubrication has been eliminated in all components and power transmissions
  • Long-life rollers
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Maximum sanitation

Aesthetic and smooth surface. Easy to clean.

Easy and accurate roll gap & paralleship adjustment.

Light weight and easy to use, noise-free and heat-free product control gate.

It is possible to grease roll housings without stopping the roller mill which decreases the idle time.

Easy access to high quality electric and electronic components.

Easily adjustable and high-degree roll cleaning.

To prevent unauthorised access to dangerous places the gates designed with safety locks to secure working environment.

Easy access and control of all parameters to control the roller mill.

The cycle of feeding rolls are regulated automatically by invertor controlled gear motor. Optional: Alongwith automatic inverter control, the feeder rolls cycle is regulated manually by digital setting device.

Easy montage and dismantling. Longer lifespan.

Enduring and durable housings. Aluminum housing covers prevents high temperature due to their special structure.

This system keeps the belt always at optimum stretch.

Strong and durable components. Maintenance free. Easy montage and dismantling.

Longer lifespan. Easy montage and dismantling. Standard belt sizes for all roller mill types and cycle.

Optimum roll grinding pressure for a constant roll space. Useful for high milling quality.

The movement of feeding roll group is very easy with the linear pack. No bolts are used to decrease cleaning and maintenance time.