MSP - Supersense Purifier
MSP - Supersense Purifier
  • Aluminum body and steel base give greater strength and less weight than conventional designs
  • Weight-adjusted feed valve ensures uniform stock distribution for increased performance
  • Transparent aspiration channels allow clear observation and easy cleaning
  • Air regulation valves with gear mechanisms permit precise local aspiration control
  • Innovative frame locking mechanism prevents product leakage
  • Stainless outlet tray provides maximum sanitation
  • Led lamp gives trouble-free, long life illumination
  • Removable sight windows provide easy viewing of product flow
  • User-friendly structure that is maintenance free and suitable for sanitation

Very easy to adjust belt tensioning system.

Product flow can be seen easily even in dark conditions

Easy view of product flow by removable sight Windows

Air regulation valves with gear mechanism to make sensitive regional aspiration

Easy to clean, dust-proof circular aspiration channel, maintenance friendly transparent check covers

Sieved product is transferred to outlet bunkers by easily adjustable valves

Stainless stell is used for surfaces in contact with food to have hygienic working environment

High sanitation thanks to specially desinged cloth, air-permeable product check points

Enduring aluminum body on steel construction base wth less weight. Alumınum conforms to food and sanitation norms (EN UNI 602 and EN UNI 14392)

Approach to all parts of the sieves, thanks to high quality, durable special brushes

Sieve tension can easily be adjusted with bolts. Products leakage is prevented without using any imperviousness element, thanks to our patented frame locking mechanism

Product diverting valves are placed on the output tray to divert the products to outlets. Flowing product keeps flow channels clean continuously thanks to narrower channels

Easily dismantable product inlet lantern, thanks to boltless and weldless connection

Double latch mechanism tightens the frames securely

Required air amount is adjusted easily by this valve