MSR - Color Sorter
MSR - Color Sorter
  • NIR+TRUE COLOR IMAGE ANALYSIS SYSTEM: Equipped with 2 color and 2 NIR cameras on each chute, image analysis is performed separately for color and NIR, allowing different ejection parameters to be set for each set of cameras. 2-sided NIR cameras increase efficiency of detection of NIR-sensitive defects.
  • FLEXIBLE LIGHT SOURCE CONFIGURATION: Uses color LEDs for the visible light color cameras, and infra-red light source to provide lighting for NIR sorting. The color of the LED lighting can be adjusted to suit the product. Both lighting systems are cooled to increase reliability and life-span.
  • INTELLIGENT IMAGE PROCESSING ALGORITHM: The image processing combines red, green and blue in the visible spectrum to create all visible colors, thus giving full color analysis.
  • HIGH-QUALITY EJECTOR SOLENOID VALVE: The ejector solenoid valve operates at high frequency and gives precise air blast that allows very high sorting efficiency of very small grains such as sesame seeds. The valve has a very long service interval
  • USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE TABLET: The operating system is very easy for an operator to use. Once it is set up, it does not require adjustment; automatic systems control the efficiency and correct changes to adapt to environment. It also has a self-monitoring system that will stop the product flow if any failure (e.g. of ejector) is detected, thus protecting the user’s product.