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Seha Yapı

Seha Yapı as the brand of Loras Holding in the construction sector, produces high-quality projects in many areas such as housing, industry and healthcare structures, shopping centers, roads, bridges and steel construction structures.

Seha Yapı, who has an important research and development system measuring the consumer expectations, reveals works off the scale.

Seha Yapı proved its success by offering "the key to happiness" to families over 15.000 and broke major grounds in the industry and region. The company that performed more than 3 million square meters of construction; continues to make a significant contribution to the economy of Turkey with the projects implemented both domestically and abroad.

Address: Musalla Bağları Mah. Kule Caddesi Kule Plaza Kat:33 No:58 Selçuklu / Konya, Türkiye
T: 444 7 342
F: +90 332 221 39 49
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Seha Yapı