What is SmartLub?

Milleral offers high-tech and efficient machinery and facilities to the milling industry, it also contributes to the advancement of the sector with innovative solutions.

SmartLub is an automatic and scheduled lubricating system developed by Milleral to increase the efficiency of machines in the milling industry and to reduce the costs of spare parts and maintenance.

A central control system that can maintain the required lubrication of the precise bearings and complete the lubrication process promptly within the mill facility.

The Importance of Lubrication
%34 Metal Yorgunluğu
Metal Fatigue

The loss of bearings due to exceeding specified performance functions, operating under extreme conditions, and inadequate or even the absence of maintenance.

%14 Kir

Bearing losses due to oil and bearings not properly isolated from dirt.

%16 Hatalı Montaj
Improper installation

Bearing losses due to faulty assembly by maintenance and incorrect assembly of parts at the time of removal and replacement.

%36 Eksik Yağlama
Insufficient Lubrication

Bearing losses due to bearings not being lubricated at all, insufficient lubrication, or lubrication with incorrect oil/grease.

Durmak Yok
Non - Stop

Downtimes due to lack of routine lubrication in facilities without central lubrication.The roller mills are stopped for lubrication for a day every two months, resulting in a total downtime of six days per year.

Maksimum Verimlilik
Maximum Efficiency

Faults and downtimes that we encounter the most in manual lubrication are due to dirt, incomplete and faulty lubrication. The efficiency of the machines increases, and the failure rate decreases with quality lubrication and removal of dirt.

Düşük Parça  Maliyeti
Low-Cost Parts

Replacing 8 bearings in the roller mills due to lubrication problems causes a cost of 22.000 Euros per year in a 450-ton facility.

İşcilik Maliyetinden  Geri Kazanım
Regain from Labor Cost

Replacing 8 pieces of bearings in the roller mills due to lubrication problems causes a cost of 22.000 Euros per year in a 450-ton facility.

Kısa Zamanda Yatırıma Değer Katar
Adds Value to Investment in a Short Time

Saves SmartLub Its Cost Before 3 Years.

Uzun Ömürlü Verimlilik
Long-Lasting Efficiency

The 5 years roll life in manual lubrication, will become 20 years with SmartLub. With the annual savings of SmartLub in a facility of 450 tons/day, you will get your money back before the end of 3 years.

Working Principle

With a SmartLub smart control unit;

Doğru Miktarda
In the Right Amount

Saves money by lubricating in the specified amount.

Doğru Yerde
In the right place

Lubricates to the required locations

Akıllı Uyarı
Smart Notification

System warning notification when oil runs out and guarantees the perfect functioning of the SmartLub.

Tam Zamanında
Right on time

Extends life by just-in-time lubrication

It is a reliable system consisting of a 325 bar pressure pump and 800 bar pressure resistant hose and fittings. Thus, the lubrication reaches the furthest point.

System warning notifications when oil runs out and guarantees the perfect functioning of the SmartLub.

Optionally, the system can automatically cease functioning if lubrication has not taken place.

The lubrication process can be controlled via a computer in the control room.

Turnaround Time of the Investment

Manual Lubrication

22.000 €
Bearing Replacement Costs
400 €
Labor Costs
4.800 €
Total Cost

Otomatik Yağlama

22.000 €
1.100 €
Toplam Maliyet

Annual Earning

4.800 €
Manual Lubrication Costs
1.100 €
Automatic Lubrication Costs
3.700 €
Annual Earning

Return Time

10.000 €
3.700 €
Annual Earning
27 Year
Central Lubrication Unit
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