Integrated System
Integrated Gain

In addition to manufacturing high efficient products, Milleral also forms plants that run with high efficiency and perfect system integration.

In the turnkey projects;

Building and machine layout are made according to the target capacity of the investor and diagrams and flowsheet are formed.

In the steel construction project, all processes are managed meticulously, starting from groundbreaking phase until roof finishing so that the plant will have a solid infrastructure.

Machines required for the project are manufactured according to the project- specific requirements and minimum cost for the customer.

Turn-Key Projects

Mechanic and electrical installation are designed according to maximum efficiency principle with expert teams at site. Those designs ensure the plant to be put into operation in the planned short time and with the fastest system flow.

Turn-Key Projects

The plant is put into operation after the completion of installation and making necessary controls. Milleral expert team provides the plant to run in the required capacity, performance and final product quality values.

Milleral expert team trains the employees of the customer before and after the plant is started up. By this means, customer’s staff gets to know how to run and maintain Milleral machines, and also fundamental principles of milling systems.

Milleral provides 7/24 continuous technical service and spare parts with Pro Support team so that the plants will run smoothly without any interruption. This team serves the whole milling industry with Milleral quality, whether the machines are provided by Milleral or not.

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