Integrated Production

IMAS products and systems are produced with global quality management principles and delivered to customers in nearly 90 countries where it serves. IMAS production facilities have ISO 9001:2008, CE and TSEK quality standards, high material quality and production systems beyond the standards of the industry. All production process is managed by the ERP system and the product tree is defined by a systematic procedure.

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With our new investments, we aim to continue the summit march of IMAS in a much more accelerated manner by moving to our new 60,000 square meter factory. In our new factory in the 4th Organized Industrial Zone, there is a parking area for 42 cars, a 1 km long walking path, basketball, volleyball courts and pergolas to get air. The layout of our factory was made in accordance with the machinery manufacturing process and planning, and waiting times were reduced to a minimum. With the ready and semi-finished product warehouses of 1850 square meters, the confusion in the factory was ended.

Flow Control

By replacing 19 cantilever cranes in our factory, which is the first in Turkey, it became possible to operate 3 separate cranes in the same hall, at the same time. Along with 32 cranes in total, the delivery inside the factory has been accelerated. Attaching importance to work safety and worker health, IMAS has prevented the emission of stain, dust, and smoke into the factory building by separating the departments like dyeing, welding, and cabinetry, so that they can get filtered out without breathing. Covering the surrounding welding area, it is provided to insulate the sound inside the factory. By adding a new static paint line which was not in our factory before, we aimed at making our good paint quality perfect.


As Imas, we continue to make continuous development and improvement in our products and engineering approaches. We increased our sheet metal processing speed by 3 times with our 6 kW Fiber laser investment. We have achieved very high production speeds and quality with the CNC Roater in the carpentry shop. With the new welding robots and welding machines, we have the opportunity to offer more quality and efficient products and services by increasing their speed in parallel with the welding quality.

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2 x table movable 5 axis cnc, 1 spindle movable 5 axis cnc, 4 vertical machining cnc, 1 double column machining center, 2 cnc lathes and 10 Universal workbenches that we use to complete all other processes, with our CAD-CAM programs, We are able to perform machining processes without errors. Thanks to the 5-axis machining centers that have joined our machinery, especially in recent years, we complete the operations with high precision and quality without manufacturing restrictions.

Sheet Metal Processing

With 1 fiber laser, 1 carbon laser, 1 cnc scissors and 3 cnc press brake bending benches, we are able to precisely cut and bend steel, stainless and aluminum groups.

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Welded Joining

With more than 50 Mig – Mag – Tig – Electrode welding, our uninterrupted welding capacity thanks to the central gas distribution system, as well as our 1 x 6 axis and 1 x 11 axis synergistic welded welding robots, the materials are welded perfectly once with low heat input and high performance.


With our 3 separate wet paint and 1 static paint lines located on 2100 m2, we can perfectly remove both static and wet paints of 6 meters long, 3 meters high parts after both sandblasting and chemical cleaning.

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We assemble Saw, Mill Cleaning, Roller, Sieve, Feed Machines in our 5 different assembly lines on 3 separate halls. At the end of the line, with our test stations specially adjusted for the machines, we make the final controls after the machines are started. With the applied kaizen and continuous improvement activities, our roller assembly lines have reached the capacity to produce 1 roller every 3 hours, and our development efforts continue in all our lines.

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