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Imas Introduces the new Multiplexa Plansifter

İMAŞ Yeni Multiplexa Kare Eleği Tanıtıyor

The new Multiplexa plansifter (MQA) is designed by Imas R&D team, with the synthesis of over 30 years experience in grain milling technology and new engineering standards… Officially introduced in March 2024, the new Multiplexa plansifter meets high capacity requirements in flour mills with models available for up to 10 passages.

Moreover, the new Multiplexa presents increased reliability, performance, sanitation, and insulation all together for its users, thanks to significant design improvements.


Developed Using Software-Based Testing and Analysis Methods

 Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used today as an indispensable part of the engineering world, especially in the defense and aerospace industries.

Imas R&D team utilizes the latest FEA virtual modelling technology for the dynamic behaviour analysis on plansifters, and measuring the performance with the similation of real operating conditions. Then, various validation tests are carried out with prototype sifters at the manufacturing plant (strain gauge, acceleration, and tension points etc.) to verify the performance under the actual load.

Developed using the latest technology and comprehensive range of testing methods, that the new Multiplexa is designed with a matchless strength…

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