Imas Machinery

IMAS Machinery was established in 1989 as one of the daughter companies of Loras Holding, which was born in Anatolia, which operates in the most important sectors of Turkey successfully.

IMAS has been manufacturing high technology products and efficient turnkey projects with MILLERAL brand in the grain-milling sector for 27 years. IMAS has gained the trust of his customers with rapid after sales service and has been meeting the demands of his business partners thoroughly.

MILLERAL has been manufacturing machinery and turnkey plants for milling grain like wheat, corn, rye, oat and barley to get flour and semolina for many years with high customer satisfaction.

MILLERAL not only offers products, plants and services that can appeal the necessities in all parts of the world; from Middle East to South East Asia, from South America to Africa but also gives efficiency based consultancy services with his expert staff.

IMAS has continued his successful growth with MILLERAL by adding VITERAL brand and has carried his experience in grain milling sector to feed milling sector for cattle and chicken.

Like MILLERAL, VITERAL offers machinery and turnkey plants in his sector of feed milling with high customer satisfaction.

The third brand of IMAS is CUTERAL that offers high quality bandsaw machines. With column, pivot, miter, PLC and high-speed types, CUTERAL has a product mix that appeals to the necessities of the sector.

With high product quality and expert staff, IMAS has high competitive power with his three brands in their sectors. Global business culture and powerful capital structure gathered from Loras Holding are one of the main factors of the continuous improvement and growth of IMAS.

With the innovation-focused engineering approach, IMAS targets to produce innovative products and services and encourages his professional team to add values to the customers in all of the three sectors.

The basic principles of IMAS to protect and establish his trustable and innovative position are:

Imas Machinery
  • Sürdürülebilirlik
  • İnovasyon
  • Çevrecilik
    Environment protection
  • Globalleşme
  • Bilgi Yönetimi
    Information Management
  • Uzmanlık

Recently, IMAS has offered MILLERAL PROSUPPORT continuous and rapid technical service to the sector. With PROSUPPORT, MILLERAL provides technical service, spare parts and consultancy to the entire grain-milling sector, including the companies that do not have MILLERAL products.

The mission of IMAS is not only producing excellent products but also providing value-added services to his customers.

IMAS is on the way to be the sector
leader to reach his mid-term and long-term
targets with all of his stakeholders.



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